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Special Education

Special Education – Equity Work in Action


One of Hillcrest Elementary and Music Magnet’s core values is equity. And there Isn’t a more perfect example of our commitment to the equity imperative than the work we do on behalf of our students receiving special education services. Put another way, Hillcrest teachers and service providers of students receiving special education services are our quintessential educational equity practitioners.

At Hillcrest, what puts the special in special education is that education is truly individualized for each student.  Special education is NOT a student or a group of students, nor is it a place or classroom. It is a series of services and supports to allow students with formally identified needs progress in the general education curriculum.

Our special education program at Hillcrest serves approximately 104 students with eligibilities ranging from autism to specific learning disability, speech and language impairment to developmental delay. We offer 5 special day classrooms including a primary autism classroom, primary, intermediate, and upper grade Specific Learning Disability (SLD) classrooms, and a Preschool for All Learners (PAL) program. We will also offer a Preschool Collaborative Classroom (PCC) program in a co-teaching model with our Extended Transitional Kindergarten (ETK) program. Finally, our resource program serves our special needs students in the general education classroom. The Resource Specialist Teacher either pulls students out for small group instruction or pushes into the classroom and supports the general education teacher in a co-teaching arrangement.  

Students receiving special education services are included in all aspects of the school (events, clubs, general education, and activities). We cultivate a community of integration and respect so that we make an impactful difference in how all of our students and families feel about school in general and Hillcrest in particular.