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Eagle Council

At Hillcrest Elementary and Music Magnet, we believe that we must provide multiple opportunities for our scholars to exhibit and increase their leadership skills. The Eagle Council, our Hillcrest student council, is our formal leadership experience for our 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. It is meant to reflect democratic principles of representative government, achieved, in part, through fair elections.


The Eagle Council sponsors, Ms. Martin-Solis and Ms. Saks, have revitalized the student council as a meaningful student engagement structure at Hillcrest. On TBA, Election Day, Hillcrest had much to celebrate in spite of the national presidential election results as our Hillcrest Eagle Council officers Cabinet was elected by the Hillcrest student electorate!  Congratulations to these scholars, leaders, and winners:


President - Le’Andre Smith

Vice President - A’mya Jackson

Secretary - Mia Leigh Jarrett

Treasurer - Jaylen Jenkins

Historian - Jazmyn Price

Miyani Minifield   

Samantha Morales

Edward Ofori

Faith Willis-Sims

Zeltzin Pineda

Mia Morales

Kaitlyn Santiago

Amina Walker

Mezziah Story

Desarea Dennis

Terry Singer

Jeremiah Baker

Sujey Orrego

Suraya Porteral

Katty Aguayo

Matthew Ruono

Nathan Ramirez

Abeldei Bello-Martinez

Nelson Guerrero

Titus Akon

Ray’auna Carraway

Now for the real work of the Eagle Council to get under way: identifying student-led activities that they will sponsor periodically during the school year, and advocating for their student constituents by bringing their ideas for school improvement–include school spirit events, fundraisers, and field trips–to the principal and teachers.